Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

  • 2:00 am today, dog is sick.  Tries to puke on cream colored carpet so I toss him (with love) into our hard floored bathroom.  I take care of the mess, let him out, give him bread to settle his tummy and we go back to bed.
  • 3:00 am today, older son is sick.  Pukes in bathroom sink til full.  That hole at the top of your sink that prevents it from overflowing?  It's called a porcelator, and mine is now disgusting inside.  Nathan was also disgusting so he took a quick bath and came out smelling like my little boy.  Drank some water, ate a saltine and two chewable kids pepto tabs.  Sound asleep until...
  • 3:40 am today, older son sick again.  Made it to the toilet this time - yay!  Oh look, pink saltines.  He no longer smells as fresh.
  • 4:30 am today, older son sick...  Repeat every 30 minutes until 9:30 am or so.

In celebration of this morning's lack of wellness, here's a list, in no particular order, of wellness products on my mind.
  • DoTerra Oils!  Neighbor Kathy across the street has become an independent consultant for them and I really like the idea of wellness via herbal cures and aromatherapy.  I gave her a call and she hooked me up with a few drops of DigestZen heavily diluted with water for Nathan.  He kept it down for about 15 minutes, but that was the last episode he had today!  Kathy also gave me a few drops of OnGuard and peppermint oil that I rubbed on his feet and now he spells amazing!  Seriously, I could hang his socks on my tree and guests would ask what smells so wonderful.
  • Lemon Water!  Yay vitamin C!  Yes, it's acidic, but it has an alkalizing effect when digested, making your body less hospitable to viruses and bacteria and creepy crawlers.  Here's a list of 10 reasons why you should drink lemon water, but seriously, just google 'lemon water' and you'll get all sorts of responses.  And I can get a bag of ten, admittedly small, lemons from Walmart for less than $2.
  • Probiotics!  Intestines are easy to forget about, but whoa nelly if you neglect them.  If you've neglected your gut, taking probiotic supplements can help alleviate skin problems, boost the immune system, improve digestion, alleviate hay fever and asthma.  Supplement your diet, or just eat some yogurt.
  • Chocolate!  It makes me happy!  It has antioxidants to keep me healthy!  It's yummy! (I'm ignoring the fat and sugar demons)
  • Red wine!  See chocolate, minus the fat and sugar demons, plus alcohol demons.
  • Larabars!  Grain free, and some varieties contain chocolate - whoopee!  I found out in 2009 that eliminating grains from my diet (I tested wheat, corn, rice, oats) made me feel worlds better.  So what to snack on...  Larabars!  I brought along about 20 varieties on a cross Iowa bike ride that year, so I was able to taste test a bunch.  Peanut butter cookie is my favorite.  I'm also averse to soy, and these are soy-free as well.  Good stuff!  
  • Red meat!  B vitamins, niacin, iron, zinc and loads of protein in a delicious mouth-watering package.
  • Sunshine!  Thank you Mr. John Denver.  Sunshine on my shoulders DOES make me happy, and it does look so lovely on the water.  And that vitamin D boost does wonders for me, too.
  • Bleach wipes!  Just in case Nathan's illness is a bug and not food poisoning, I wiped most of my hard surfaces down with these.  Am I helping to create superbugs?  No, I'm trying to keep my family healthy and any bugs that get past the wipes have to deal with our lemony-scented bodies.  Good luck jerk-bugs.

I'm wondering what wellness tricks are out there that I haven't heard of yet...  If you've got a good one, please leave it in the comments.

We finished a few projects and started a few more in the past weeks.  The tables Scott and I refurbished:
The black coffee table, the motley sofa table
We got both of these from the local Deseret Industries (just like Goodwill), for I think $10 each.  The black table was covered in gunk, and the sofa table had a really bad paint job, bad color and bad technique.  A little sanding, stain, paint, polyurethane and they are beautiful!

I saw a post in another blog about a homemade garland made of paper circles and thought it would be wonderful made with the Sunday Comics.  A lot of cutting, and a lot of glue dots, later I have this pretty garland.  Nathan did almost all of the assembly, I was the worker bee cutting dozens of little 2" circles.
The comics garland

Fireplace mantle.  Dog butt.

And I loved this, my lima bean wreath!  I got the idea at All Things Thrifty.  I accidentally used large limas instead of baby limas.  I think it still looks so pretty.

The house with outside Christmas decor.  Love it!  Can't see it here, but the baby trees out front are covered with colorful ornaments.

The big projects in progress:

  • Stockings for family.  How to embroider their darling faces onto the stockings...?
  • Paint first floor bath.
  • How to get the puke smell out of my nose.

Thanks and God bless!