Monday, June 27, 2011

Packing, Day 1

The reality of the move to Utah hit home hard today. The movers, correction *packers*, showed up at 8am and I still hadn't finished cleaning up from the party from the night before. Many thanks to cousle Matt for sweeping the broken water balloons and errant cupcake sprinkles up off the patio Sunday night. A cupcake topping bar sounded like such a good idea...

So while I cleaned up gift wrap and did dishes and laundry, a team of two packed our basement in about two hours. They moved onto the first floor, packing framed family photos and artwork and a cool clock, while I had lunch with a friend and ran the last of the game contraband back to the library. Then shredding... I wonder how many people still have income taxes they paper-filed 20 years ago. Scott and I both do, well did, until I shredded 3 large garbage bags full of paperwork we kept for no good reason. Taxes from 1990, results from college final exams (also from the 90's), paperwork from my first house purchased in the late 90s, paperwork from old pets (a vet bill from 2001)... Some things I re-filed - questionnaires Scott and I filled out in the pre-wedding class required by the church, love notes from my children, car titles (the boat title is still missing, however).

I've heard the same story multiple times now of movers who packed garbage cans full of garbage, so I think we'll avoid that problem, but I think we discovered a new one. In their zeal, the movers packed the remotes for the TV, DVD player, sound system and cable box, and all our Wii games and controllers. Friend Brenda thought this was hilarious, saying that we might even have to talk to each other, har har, but we need to return the cable remote and box. This is real money, folks! And I wanted to have the Wii at our Utah apartment for those times when we really don't want to talk to each other. Oh well, lesson learned and funny life story gained.

The boys' last baseball game with their Wisconsin team was tonight. The coach called out to everyone that this was the Deischel boys' last game, thanked them for their efforts, then had everyone shake Nathan's and Jake's hands. Jake thought it was a perfect opportunity to say "Pledge of allegience" to each boy that shook his hand, much better than his declaration yesterday that the water balloon he put in his pants smelled like his balls. I have no idea what it would be like to have a daughter, but I can't imagine it would be better than this.

And today was my first day of unemployment! Well, first day without tax paying, income producing employment. Not sure how I feel about this yet. As a member of the salaried workforce, there's security in knowing that the work you do contributes to a larger goal and that you're part of a larger movement to GET THINGS DONE. Laundry, dishes, packing, shredding, cleaning... I don't see how that fits into a larger movement, yet. Does it?

Tomorrow, the rest of the first floor and the entire second floor gets packed, we sign closing papers on the house we're selling, and the dog gets to go to the vet. 'Gets to go' because any trip in the car is a not-to-be-missed treat in his book. He rode in the van this morning to drop the boys off at summer school and I swear I heard him say 'Whee!' at least three times. And we need to set aside the items we'll need over the next 6 weeks. Really. A. Drag. I've called a few things out, but my follow through lately has been lacking. Pretty sure it's my subconscious screaming out "Change is bad! Don't leave the midwest!" but I'll try to get some things set aside... For those times we don't want to talk to each other, but still want to snuggle through.


  1. I think I hear your soul saying Wheeeee! It's just the moving that sucks. Change is good. Challenges you to get rid of the nonessential muck. Listen to your inner whee!

  2. Too tried to over. Bawk Bawk