Friday, January 6, 2012

Drunk milk, days 3 and 4

So drunk milk progress day 3 looked like this:
Ewww.  Coagulation.

That white wall really needs a backsplash.
And I captured this this morning:
Day 4, bright and early
The concoction is slowly mushing down and getting nastier.  The citrus pieces used to be almost to the top of the jar, but they're slowly giving up.  The clear liquid at the bottom is becoming a little more amber colored each day.  The really interesting/gross feature is the chunky mess that clings to the top of the jar.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's an old gypsy out there somewhere that could read my future in that nastiness.  I haven't opened it - ugh!  Image what it smells like right now...

I will trust in the process and see this through to January 14.  Assuming the world doesn't end by then.  What is the last day of the Mayan calendar again?  I have a lot of crafting/cooking to do by then. Have you see Miss Amy's butterbeer cupcakes?  They look absolutely Delicious!  Delectable!  Delightful!  I MUST get to these before the world ends!

The world isn't ending today, unless I don't get snack made for the boys before they get home.  Today, it's apple slices and white-girl quesadillas.  Simplest thing going, these tortillas.

You'll need 
  • Flour tortillas
  • Shredded Cheese (mozzarella, co-jack, cheddar, mexican blend - your call!)
Put tortilla on a microwave safe plate.  Spread cheese on the tortilla.  Cover cheese with another tortilla.  Microwave for about thirty seconds.  The cheese should be stringy and sticky, holding the tortillas together.  Cut into quarters and serve.  Done.

Just about anything could be added.  Husband likes to use a mexican cheese blend and add some ground Penzey's ancho pepper before microwaving.  I like it with mozzarella, garlic pepper and slices of avocado.  The kids like just co-jack.  What would you eat on it?

No craftiness today, but I did pick up instruction packets on how to lead Meet the Masters at my children's school in two weeks.  We'll be imitating Faith Ringgold by creating multimedia masterpieces.  Now to buy some oil pastels so I have samples to display during class.


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