Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nostalgic foods

I have a favorite memory from my childhood I'd like to share.  I was walking to Roosevelt Elementary on a not-too-cold fall day (I must have been in second or third grade) and my Grandpa Tony drove up in his green station wagon to give me a fresh-made, still warm waffle sandwich.  Grandma Dorothy had made waffles fresh that morning, and the raspberry jam that summer.  I remember my delight and the delicious warmth of that waffle sandwich to this day, decades later.

I share that tradition with my boys today, but with a few updates.  I use frozen waffles instead of fresh.  We've made homemade waffles, but the boys prefer frozen, and it makes cleanup easier.  And I use whatever jelly we have on hand.  Today it's organic strawberry spread from CostCo.
Still warm!  Mmm!
There isn't really a recipe, more like assembly instructions.

Take 2 warm, fully cooked waffles.
On one, spread cream cheese.
On the other, spread jelly.
Put jelly and cheese sides together.  Eat.  Say "Mmmm".

The boys have eaten all of them and are begging for more.  Time to assemble!


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