Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey everyone! The Milk is Done!

Feast your eyes on this!  The final product of the Drunk Milk experiment!
Golden nectar!
Maybe I should have posted the progress photos first and shown the finished product last, but I can't help tooting my own horn on this one.  It's sweet, creamy and very citrusy, sort of a grown up creamsicle taste.  It took hours to strain, and instead of waiting for it to be completely strained, I went ahead and poured myself a shot of the creamy goodness.  Here're the progress photos.
Open!  Strong alcohol smell.
Straining with a verrry old linen kitchen towel.  I squeezed as much of the liquid out as I could, then threw the towel and  mess away.
I was left with a thick milky liquor. I strained it through coffee filters to get rid of the milk solids.  This is the first pass.
I went through at least 10 coffee filters straining it the first time.  This is the second strain - only used three this time.
It took several hours to get the stuff strained, and it would benefit from a third straining.  I can still see some milk solids in the final product, but I don't have the patience to strain again and it tastes pretty good.  So I'm happily, contentedly done.

Would I do this again?  Probably not.  There are plenty of liquors out there that don't require almost two weeks of time and a half day's effort to get to a drinkable state.  Though this could be a good project for my drunk kitchen.  I'd love to see what she would do with this, she's so cute  :-)

I've been a little busy playing with the boys on their day off yesterday, and helping judge the school spelling bee, but I was still able to whip up these tasty peanut butter cheerio snacks.  I found them at the Kathie cooks blog.
Kathie's pictures are way nicer than this, but I'm keeping it real.

My only real project lately was cleaning the house and scrubbing toilets, and no one wants to read about that.  But I'd love to hear about your fun and exciting crafty projects.  Drop me a line!

Homework time (what IS a rhombus?),

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